The Goeben Battery
The Goeben Battery
obrazek zajawki
Bateria Goeben
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The battery was built between the years 1938-39. The decision to erect it was taken by the German authorities so that the defences of the Pomeranian Bay and those of the harbour in Świnoujście could be strengthened against enemy warships in the anticipated armed conflict. The battery consisted of the commanding tower and artillery positions. The concrete structure, bearing a close resemblance to a lighthouse, was not masked as excessive camouflage might have given away its military purpose. On the eighth - the highest storey, being covered with an armoured dome, there was an optical artillery rangefinder 12 m wide. It allowed watching objects 45-50 km away. The artillery positions were located in the forest. Three cannons, each with 283 mm calibre and 36 km range were installed on them. In 1940 Germans disassembled the cannons and transported them to Norway. In 2004, as a consequence of the tower's renovations, the rangefinder armour plate was removed. Instead of the armour plate a structure was added on top of which a fire warning point was placed (a so-called observatory). At present the former battery commanding tower has educational and tourist functions. The structure is situated in the forest, on the didactic pathway named the Świnoujście Fortress Fortification Trail.

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Location: POLAND, zachodniopomorskie, Świnoujście