The Western Fort
The Western Fort
obrazek zajawki
Fort Zachodni
Jachtowa 1
72-600 Świnoujście
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The Western Fort (Germ. Westbatterie) is part of the Prussian Fortress Świnoujście. It was built between the yeas 1856-1861, designed to defend the harbour against enemy warships. Initially it was a small artillery redoubt. Between the years 1878-87 the fort was extended up to the dimensions of a heavy, fortified waterside battery surrounded by a moat. During the First World War a battery of heavy waterside cannons with 210 mm calibre was stationing here. After the war, by virtue of the Versailles Treaty the fort was disarmed. During the Second World War a waterside battery of 150 mm was stationing in the fort. In 1941 a concrete commanding bunker was erected within the western wing of the fort. Towards the end of the war the battery participated in the raking of the Soviet positions near Dziwnów and Wolin. From the end of the war until 1962 the fort was being used by the Soviet Navy, simultaneously installing its waterside battery, armed with three 17 mm cannons. In 1962 the structure was handed down to the city whereas fruit and vegetable storages were developed in the underground casemates. Since June 2004 the fort has been opened for visitors a s the monument of the military architecture as well as the museum of the fortress' history. A number of exhibits were found in the vicinity of the fort or within the fort itself, which testifies to the history of the garrison and local fortifications.

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Author of the photo: Radosław Paternoga
Author of the photo: Radosław Paternoga
Author of the photo: Radosław Paternoga
Author of the photo: Radosław Paternoga
Location: POLAND, zachodniopomorskie, Świnoujście