The monument with an anchor (the former monument by Sedina)
The monument with an anchor (the former monument by Sedina)
obrazek zajawki
Pomnik z kotwicą (dawny pomnik Sediny)
Plac Tobrucki
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Sedina's monument was unveiled in 1898, it was built according to Ludwig Mendel's design. On the red-sandstone pedestal there used to be a cast-bronze figural group. It consisted of a female figure embodying Szczecin, leaning against an anchor and holding a sail of the methodological deity - Mercury, sailing in a boat as well as sea deities. Below the sculpture there was a basin. The monument used to symbolise Szczecin as a Hanseatic city of trade, shipping and industry. Unveiling of the monument commemorated opening of the Eastern Basin in the free-trade port on Łasztownia and commemorating the new waterway. It was founded by the Management Board of the Prussian Art Fund and the Management Board of the City of Szczecin. The monument went missing during the Second World War. Its fate is not known, though there are numerous hypotheses concerning its subsequent years. The initiative of rebuilding the monument still has both a huge number of supporters and opponents.

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Location: POLAND, zachodniopomorskie, Szczecin