The Monument of Dr. Stefan Michalak
The Monument of Dr. Stefan Michalak
obrazek zajawki
Pomnik dr Stefana Michalaka
Plac Doktora Stefana Michalaka
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The Monument of Dr. Stefan Michalak, made of the Finnish granite, was unveiled on 8th October 2001. The authors of the monument are the artists ad sculptors Zygfryd Korpalski and Czesław Gajda. A bust of Stefan Michalak is placed on a 2.62 m high plinth.

Stefan Michalak was born on 26th July 1909. He was a doctor by trade, but the bulk of his professional work was bound with the sea. Between the years 1935-1938 Dr. Michalak was a ship's doctor on numerous known Polish ships: s.s. WARSZAWA, m.s. PIŁSUDSKI, m.s. BATORY and the sailing ship DAR POMORZA which carried him on the historic journey around Cape Horn between the years 1936-1937. Between the years 1938-1939 he was a doctor of the Maritime School in Gdynia, a harbour doctor in Gdynia and a doctor of the Emigration Camp in Gdynia. In April 1945 he arrived in the war-damaged Gdańsk in order to organise health care and medical service for thousands of ill and injured people. Dr. Michalak rebuilt the municipal hospital in Wrzeszcz from the war damages so that it could serve as the basis for the Medical Academy (at present The Medical University of Gdańsk). On 15th August 1947 Dr. Michalak died in the waters of the Baltic Sea saving two drowning colleagues. In 1948, in order to pay tribute to him the Senate of the Medical Academy in Gdańsk placed a commemorative plaque in the main edifice of the Academy and in 1996 the Council of the City of Gdańsk named the square in front of the Academy the ‘Square of Dr. Stefan Michalak'.

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