The Lighthouse
The Lighthouse
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The lighthouse in Nowy Port was built in 1894. It replaced the run-down and obsolete lighthouse located nearer the mouth of the Vistula River. In the new lighthouse a, arched electric lamp was applied as the source of light. It was moved from the old lighthouse where it had been used since 1888. It had been the first application of this kind within the scale of the Baltic Sea. The lamp was powered by electricity generated by a generator powered by a steam machine. On top of the lighthouse the so-called time ball was placed. Weighing 70 kg, the ball used to fall along the mast of the lighthouse precisely at 12:00 every day. It would take place on the mark arriving by telegraph from the Royal Astronomic Observatory in Berlin. Navigator adjusted chronometers o this basis. On 1 September 1939 the first shots were fired in the direction of the Polish outpost in Westerplatte. After the war the lighthouse began to be used probably only in 1948. The technical description of he light being emitted was changed many a time. Modernised several times, the lighthouse had functioned until 1984 when it was replaced by modern lighthouse in Port Północny (the Northern Port).
In 2004 the lighthouse was opened for the public. Four years later a replica of the time ball was placed on the mast.

Technical description of the lighthouse (before 1984):
Height of the tower: 27,3 m
Height of the light above sea level: 30,3 m
Range of the light: 13 NM
Characteristic of the light: Long-flashing - L.Fl., period: 5s, flash: 2s, eclipse: 3s.

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