The Monument of Magdeburg Sailors
The Monument of Magdeburg Sailors
obrazek zajawki
Pomnik marynarzy z Magdeburga
Generała Henryka Dąbrowskiego 2
80-802 Gdańsk
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The monument located in the cemetery by the Oliwa Gate (the so-called Garrison Cemetery) is dedicated to the German sailors who died aboard the cruiser MAGDEBURG on 26 August 1914. During the mining operation of the fairway in the Finnish Bay the warship ran aground. Attempts to rescue the ship proved unsuccessful, so, in order not to give away the cruiser to the Russians, the decision was taken to blow it up. While the crew were going over onto the counter motor torpedo boat V26, Russian warships appeared. The German sailors did not manage to complete the crew's evacuation and a premature explosion killed 15 people. Additionally, the Russians, having penetrated the shipwreck found, among other things, code books of the German Fleet and codes to encrypt radio signals. Bodies of the deceased sailors were buried in a mass grave in the Garrison Cemetery in Gdańsk. Traditionally, during the inter-war period, crews of German warships used to lay wreaths under the sailors' monument on the anniversary of sinking of the MAGDEBURG. On 25th August 1939 such a visit was paid by the battleship SCHLESWIG-HOLSTEIN. 7 days after this event the first salvos from the ship signalled the outbreak of the Second World War. The monument erected in 1925 has a form of a vertically standing slab. It bears surnames of the diseased sailors.

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Location: POLAND, pomorskie, Gdańsk