Eriksberg Animal Park
Eriksberg Animal Park
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Fallow deer, red deer, wild boar, mufflon sheep and European bison, roam free in the 10 km2 wildlife sanctuary at Eriksberg. It is an extraordinary wildlife adventure. A safari trip through the Eriksberg estate will treat the observant visitor to exciting wildlife experiences. See the great animals of the forest in their natural habitats. Enjoy Eriksbergs cultural and historical heritage on a guided tour through four centuries. Wander along marked paths, some of them suitable for the disabled, and delight in the treasures of Eriksberg at your leisure.

Eriksberg is a piece of living history. By the 17th century, the estate was already of considerable size; it was named after count Eric Ruuth in 1781. In 1938 Bengt Berg, a renowned nature photographer, bought the manor. Under his guidance, Eriksberg was established as a unique, fenced, wildlife sanctuary. Today it is still one of the largest of its kind in the world.

The rich wildlife is just one of the estates attractions; the unique architectural heritage dates back to the 17th century. The main buildings house a café, museum and modern conference centre in a 19th century environment. Home produced game products and locally made arts and crafts are sold in the estate farm-shop.

Within the grounds there are an exotic duck pond, and a playground. Marked paths guide visitors through the ground. Young and old can learn about the wonders of the Swedish countryside and the unique ""Swedish right of common access"".

From Eriksberg Children's Corner, just one of a number of marked paths guide the visitor through the grounds; clearly displayed signs add to the experience. The signs describe forestry, wildlife, the countryside and Eriksbergs cultural heritage. The observant visitor will spot wild animals and birds. In the interests of safety and the well being of the wildlife, visitors are not allowed to leave the marked paths.

Even the angler and fishing enthusiast will be surprised, there really is that many! It is said that Eriksberg has some of the finest pike and pike fishing in the world.

There is much to do and enjoy at Eriksberg. You can drive through the estate in your own car or, if you prefer, you can pre-book a guided tour in a bus or on a tractor and trailer. Company or group outings comprising adventure trips, conference or seminar is a speciality. Groups can enjoy good food in our fully licensed restaurant; it is necessary to make bookings in advance.



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