Kalmar Coumty museum
Kalmar Coumty museum
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Kalmar länsmuseum
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Kalmar Kalmar
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The Swedish warship Kronan sank in 1676 off the eastern coast of Öland and nearly 800 men died. At the county museum in Kalmar there is an exhibit where the results of 30 years of marine archaeological investigations of the wreck are displayed.
The exhibit shows models, pictures and the vast amount of objects that have been salvaged. There is also a reconstruction of the admiral's cabin, the gun deck and a scale model of the wreck site with extensive detail.
In the treasure room the gold- and silver treasures from Kronan are displayed. Among others the largest treasure of minted gold that has ever been found and the largest naval silver coin treasure in the country, consisting of 6500 coins. In several places in the exhibit there are also samples of the vast amount of sculptures that decorated the largest ships of the Great Power Period. Some were found under the port side of the wreck, in the protective mud, and are therefore especially well preserved.
On the entrance level of the museum are the bronze cannons that have been salvaged from Kronan since the discovery in 1980. All around the exhibit there are a large number of items telling us about life onboard: furniture, jewellery, clothes, musical instruments, navigational equipment, medical equipment, weapons, plates, snuffboxes and counters.

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