Kalmar Maritime Museum
Kalmar Maritime Museum
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Kalmar Sjöfartsmuseum
Södra Långgatan 81
Kalmar Kalmar
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The Kalmar Maritime Museum Foundation was founded in 1934 in order to preserve memories from the navigation in the Kalmar Strait. Initiator was the headmaster of the Kalmar Navigation School and in the basement of the school the collections grew quickly. Already the same year the Kalmar Maritime Museum had to be founded, and was given the task of taking care of the collections.
The gifts increased, and different buildings had to be used for storage. At the onset of the Second World War the need for good premises became acute for the Maritime Museum. They then turned to Mrs. Marita Lundgren in Gothenburg, who was the widow of ship-owner Wilhelm R. Lundgren, a prominent figure in Swedish shipping. The result was that Mrs. Lundgren donated the funds to purchase the museum's current property, which was to open its doors in November 1942.
The house was built in 1889 by stove maker O.A. Andersson and is now listed as a culturally important building.
The museum is a pure maritime museum that has a strong connection to local shipping as represented by a great number of nautical objects, paintings and models. There is also a well-assorted archive from the Kalmar Shipyard and a large library with, among other things, a number of logbooks from the middle of the 19th century until today. The museum has over 6000 items in its collections and is regarded as one of the most interesting smaller maritime museums in Sweden.

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