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Bergkvara SWEDEN
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The lengthy coastal parish Söderåkra with the population centre Bergkvara was for a long time one of the country's most maritime dependant parishes. At the beginning of the century Bergkvara was also on of the second to third largest sailing ship harbours in Sweden. Since the beginning of the 19th century there have been shipyards in Bergkvara, Djursvik, Grämkulla and Skeppevik. The harbour in Bergkvara is to some extent still in use. The museum is located in a century old harbour warehouse with a wide ocean view. It is owned and built by the regional history society, founded in 1945. The old warehouse itself of museum interest, and make a good backdrop for photographs (people and ships), ship-portraits, models and all sorts of related material (navigational instruments, sailing-ship equipment, carpenters’ tools etc.). Displays of photographs and artefacts illustrating the importance of the eel fishery since the Middle Ages, as well as the role of the pilot- and the lighthouse services are also included. On the lower floor a complete boat-building shop is displayed.
The museum is the custodian of a complete ship’s smithy on the adjacent island of Dalskär. An exhibit about the wind power park located in the Kalmar strait is also located in Bergkvara. The historical maritime locations in Bergkvara are well indicated with a number of informational signs with the heading "In the tracks of sailors", although only in Swedish.

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