The maritime room in the Framework house in Timmernabben
The maritime room in the Framework house in Timmernabben
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Sjöhistoriska rummet i Korsvirkeshuset i Timmernabben
Timmernabbens hamn
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The village of Timmernabben has grown up around shipbuilding and seafaring. Shipbuilding was a part of the society from the 1840's, and for a while in the middle of the 19th century there were at least three active shipyards in the community. During the 75 years that shipbuilding took place, about 75 to 80 ships were built at the village shipyards. The shipping trade was also considerable for such a small community. In the time right before and after the First World War there were, for example, 17 sailing ships registered in Timmernabben, which made it one of the largest shipping communities along the Kalmar Strait. The seafaring- and shipyard history is presented in "Korsvirkeshuset (the framework house)" with photographs, paintings and models. Placed under a roof outside the museum is one of the last sailing pilot boats that were used in Timmernabben 1912 - 1936. A couple of hundred metres further towards the ferry berth is the 1866 deckhouse of the brig Svea is placed along with the windmill for the bilge water pump. Beside it is also the transom of the last ship - Astrid - that, in 1921, was launched from the Ohlsson shipyard.

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