The lighthouse Ölands Norra Udde, called Långe Erik (Tall Eric)
The lighthouse Ölands Norra Udde, called Långe Erik (Tall Eric)
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Fyren Ölands Norra Udde, kallad Långe Erik
Holmvägen Byxelkrok
Borgholm SWEDEN
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The lighthouse Ölands Norra Udde, often called Långe Erik (Tall Eric), is situated on a small island right outside the northern cape of Öland. The lighthouse is 32 metres tall and built out of limestone and it was completed in 1845. With 138 steps the balcony at 28 metres is reached. The motive force for the rotation of the lens was, at first, weight-driven clockwork which ran for about an hour when it had been wound. This clockwork, which is still installed in the tower, was taken out of operation when the lighthouse was electrified in 1947.
At the lighthouse station, where there was also a position as a weather observer, there were 3 work positions such as chief lighthouse-keeper and lighthouse-keeper. These workers lived with their families in the residential houses near by. From 1910 until 1985 there was also a fog-signal station by the lighthouse. The lighthouse station was connected to the mainland by a bridge in 1965 and automated in 1976. In the autumn 1991 the old lens was taken out of use and was replaced by a simpler beacon mounted on the lighthouse balcony.
Next to the lighthouse are a small souvenir shop and a café. There you can also pay the entrance fee for the lighthouse.

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