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Degerhamnsvägen Degerhamn
Mörbylånga SWEDEN
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Degerhamn is a typical industrial harbour that is marked by the presence of the cement factory. The harbour has earlier been heavily frequented by smaller cement loading vessels. Some fishing is now taking place from Degerhamn. Three wind turbines have recently been built in the dock. The maritime collections of Southern Öland are on exhibition at the Degerhamn industry- and maritime museum near the harbour. The collections are dominated by industrial history in connection to Cementa, whose operations are based on traditions from the 18th century. The maritime exhibition mostly consists of a large number of photographs of ships connected to Degerhamn. Also, some of the boat's equipment and boatswain's work from a private collection is shown here. Highlighted is also the cement industry's dominating roll in the community, both as a leading workplace and as a shipping company with a substantial fleet of smaller motor-sailing vessels. In connection to the museum is a 9 metre tall museum lighthouse. The lighthouse lantern itself is collected from the caisson lighthouse at Utgrunden, which has been remodelled into a wind power laboratory. The lighthouse is completed by a lighthouse museum where memorabilia and settings from the many lighthouses on Öland are displayed. Among other things life as a lighthouse-keeper at Långe Jan and the lightship Ölands rev is documented there.

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