Borgholm harbour
Borgholm harbour
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Borgholms hamn
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Borgholm harbour has a different background than the other harbours on Öland. It hasn't been primarily a fishing- or boat harbour. Instead it has a background as a trading harbour for agricultural products and not least as a tourist harbour. The town of Borgholm was founded in 1816 close to the formerly royal Borgholm castle, but the harbour was not finished until 1865. Larger vessels could then moor in the harbour which in turn created new opportunities to attract tourists. Already the first summer, regular steam boat connections were established with Stockholm, Norrköping and Kalmar among other cities. Through these connections the number of visitors increased which gave the town new income opportunities. At most there were 14 different boat connections here but in the middle of the 1950's all steam boat traffic was closed and new car ferries to Färjestaden took over. There was yet another increase in tourism when the Öland Bridge was opened in 1972, and Borgholm is now one of the most popular tourist towns in the country. The presence of royalty in the summer at the Palace of Solliden, near Borgholm Castle, is certainly also of importance. The original steam boat- and trading quays are now used by a large number of visiting pleasure boats. Off the harbour is also a cold water bath, rebuilt in 2003 in a classical seaside resort style. The town is otherwise characterised by low houses and typical resort villas, some with towers and pinnacles and beautiful gingerbread work.

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